July 2008

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At Stratford-Scrapbook memories-1 At Stratford-Scrapbook memories-2 At Stratford-Scrapbook memories-3 At Stratford-Siblings At Stratford-Siblings & Spouses
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At Stratford-Siblings.jpg

At Stratford-Siblings & Spouses.jpg

At Stratford-eating out at Lynn's At Stratfore-Bruce & Sylvia Cousins all Mom's headstone & ashes casket Nadine & Ervin
At Stratford-eating out at Lynn's.jpg

At Stratfore-Bruce & Sylvia.jpg

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family at cemetery-1 family at cemetery-2 family at cemetery-3 filling-in-grave grave digging-1
family at cemetery-1.jpg

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grave digging-1.jpg